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United Nations General Assembly

Dear Delegates, Politics is an art which every human lives by, some voluntarily do so while some don’t, however it governs every individual’s thinking and decision making. While representing your various parties and constituencies, you must all keep in mind the essentials for politics. As representatives of not only your political parties but also of the people of our country, it must be everybody’s prerogative to ensure the welfare of our great nation. The Indian Parliament is an amalgamation of some of the most diverse individuals, not just by cultures but by ideologies as well. It is because of the presence of these differences that I must remind you all of the existence of the extremely fine line between a democracy and an anarchy, as well as the very fine line between an autocracy and a democracy. Therefore, be outspoken however for the betterment of your own constituents before your own personal prejudices as the assembly is only as strong as its members.

Executive Board

Chairperson: Alumni

Vice Chairperson: Himja Behl and Saadhvi Bhan


Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, and the Right to Humanitarian Aid with special emphasis on middle east and south-east asia

Committee Size

47-50 Students


Senior School Library


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